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Chocolate Strawberry Rose Recipe

Growing up in the South, I ate a lot of Strawberries, so nothing feels as comforting as those beautiful succulent reddish-pink morsels to really make me feel at home. When I had to come up with a new chocolate-covered strawberry idea I thought, why not a chocolate-covered rose recipe idea for Valentine’s Day for my […]

Jolly Rancher Moonshine Recipe

I’ve eaten many Jolly Ranchers in my time, but I had never heard of Jolly Rancher Moonshine until today when my friend sent me this recipe. Since I adore anything containing Jolly Ranchers or Jolly Rancher flavoring so I knew I had to try it immediately. My Sister has a corner store and just loaded […]

How To Season A Cast Iron Skillet

In this tutorial, we describe how to clean, season and maintain your cast iron skillet or dutch oven from start to finish and tell you what cleaning products are best to use. Many people have said their skillets are sticky after seasoning, that is because you cannot use oil, you have to use a solid […]

10 Days of Halloween Projects Day #1!

Welcome to my annual 10 Days Of Halloween Projects and today is Day #1. I’m starting out with this cute Halloween Matchbook with a surprise on the inside. I used the Spooky Night Designer Paper for the matchbook: And look what happens when you open up the flap: Isn’t that the cutest? I think children […]

Senior Services Benefit – ORCA

Dynamic. Smart. Exciting. Social. These words describe the seniors of today. As you know, by 2036 there will be over 10 million seniors in this country. And as the current system in Ontario is facing increasing pressure on the long-term care system, and a growing number of seniors in alternate level of care (ALC) settings, […]

The truth about retirement living – ORCA

Dynamic. Social. Fun. Friends. Family. Retirement communities present an exciting opportunity where seniors can choose to be part of something bigger. Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) members are so committed to the benefits of these nurturing and vibrant communities that on September 22 and 23 they are opening their doors across Ontario to show neighbourhoods […]

ORCA’s Dementia-Inclusive Initiative – ORCA

A dementia-inclusive community is one that is committed to working together to promote a better understanding of dementia, reduce stigma, raise public awareness and to facilitate social inclusion and participation within a community. Dementia is a progressive disease, meaning that symptoms inevitably worsen with time. These symptoms can include memory loss, difficulty processing thought, trouble problem-solving […]

Featured Resident: Meet John – ORCA

It’s natural for people to reflect upon their lives as they age – experiences, accomplishments, memories. The hope is, that we look back at our lives with a sense of pride and fulfillment. Hailing from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, John has lived a life that anyone would be proud of. Now 85 years of age, […]

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